Meet our girls.


    DOB- 4/1/94
    Color- Gray-dun
    Sire- Montana Red Hot Ass
Very nice donkey, confirmation and disposition are great.  She has had six adorable babies; Junior, Ahna, J.T. , Lacy, Cassie and Kacey II. She is bred to Palermo.

She's pictured with Ahna.


DOB 6/24/97
Dam:  Frames Bashful
Sire: Montana Red Hot Ass
Color: Grey/Dun with a brown nose
She's a very nice donkey.  She is bred to Palermo. Tamara is a wonderful mother who has raised beautiful babies with great dispositions. (Marco, Harley, Kacey, and Harley II)


DOB 8/10/97
Dam: Buchmann  Emily
Sire: Unregistered White donkey named Deyor
Color: Slate
Ahna is our first born on the farm.  She has had three babies, two gray and one almost pure white. (Lucky, Mason and Brogan)
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